Nathan Allen also known as Nait is a formidable drummer, writer, producer and composer with over 18 years experience. How old is this young man, I hear you ask, well old enough!


Nait's love of music can be traced back from when he was two years old and was given his first drum set because his parents were trying to usurp his hyperactivity. He took to drumming like a duck to water and has never looked back since.


This carried on throughout his years at school and he performed with his peers in a band at his primary school called "TW10", which was the post code of their school.


By the time he was in secondary school he had catapulted to a new level and was the sole drummer for the school's orchestra for five straight years, performing in every summer and winter concert. Soon his music teacher noticed that he was in a class of his own and more dedicated to his craft than most of the other members of the band.


His enthusiasm, passion, and energy cannot be tapered. On leaving secondary school he went on to Esher College studying Music, Product Design and Business Studies before moving on to study Jazz at Middlesex University!


While at secondary school Nathan joined WAC (weekends art college) that was funded by the national lottery. Every weekend he would attend the Jazz ensemble class getting great guidance from Ian Carr and Tim Whitehead. It was there Nathan found other young musicians who were just as passionate about music as he was. He still plays with those peers today. In playing a gig at the back of a pub with those peers, a new up and coming uniquely gifted soulful singer was looking for a drummer. She approached Nathan after seeing him play and asked him to an audition for her band. It was the one and only Amy Winehouse.


Nathan recorded, performed and toured with Amy from 2003 to 2011 and can be seen in the video 'Rehab' - he is hard to miss in the video in his stripy pyjamas with the other band members. He can be heard on other songs on her fantastic award winning  album' back2 black' the deluxe edition! 


Nathan is a very talented music impresario and this was soon noticed in the music industry with him becoming a very sought after drummer for live and studio within the jazz/ soul/ funk/ blues/ rock genre.


One such call that came was to invite Nathan to record with the legendary Tom Jones on his album '24 hours'. He has also played and worked with many more superb artists like Mark Ronson, Corrine Bailey Rae, Xantone Blacq, Keziah Jones, Jason Rebello, Tom Browne, Elzhi (slum village) to name a few as well as making time to be part of the worship band in his local church.


Despite having such a busy work schedule, Nathan is signed as one of the members of a 5 piece band called 'The Score'. The band is made up of two sets of brothers, Nathan and his younger brother Sean, a bass player, Taylor and Cameron Graves who both play piano and their long time school friend CJ Wilson who sings and dances. Together they wrote, produced their album called  'OPUS' which is a very diverse, catchy, old school but fresh feel to it. The band have been together for nine years  and have supported Lemar on tour alongside JLS.


However, at the moment they have all embarked on their individual careers but creatively linking up every now and then helping each other in their respective projects.


His talent, passion and enthusiasm are never ending and he does not have long periods of rest as he lives and breaths music. 


He recently joined forces with his brother Sean and they have formed a group that writes and produces called 'Say Nothing' as they believe that their work speaks for itself.  He is also set to release a solo album which he is currently working on. 


Nathan enjoys touring, writing and performing with a variety of artists around the world.


He has also released his own beat mix tape called New Classics, Volume 1.


There is no stopping this amazingly, multiple- talented, multi faceted, energetic artist whose first love is drumming. With his wealth of experience he is just warming up as he has been working behind the scenes but now he is ready to take it to another level and will no doubt be coming to a venue, studio, town near you because Nathan Allen is here to stay and is bringing and sharing his God given talents in Music.